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OFFICIAL: French Election!! Emmanuel Macron Reveals Why He Never Had Children!!

French Election!! Emmanuel Macron Reveals Why He Never Had Children


Several candidates for the next French presidential election have children. These are, among others, Marine Le Pen has three children, François Fillon has five, Benoît Hamon two, and Jean-Luc Mélenchon has a daughter.

On the other hand, one of the candidates has not yet had children. It is Emmanuel Macron, the leader of En Marche. He was one of the guests on C8 Sunday, March 19 in the show “Presidential: the candidates on the board! With Jean-Luc Mélenchon, François Fillon and Benoît Hamon, he is one of those who agreed to submit to the children’s questions on the presidential election next May …

For Emmanuel Macron, one of the pertinent questions of the children was “Do not you miss being a father? “Very at ease in front of the schoolchildren, the leader of the En Marche movement! Has responded frankly, without being disconcerted by this question about his private life. He gave the reason why he never had any children with Brigitte Trogneux, his wife:   “ That’s a choice I made. Brigitte, my wife, had three children when I met her: big and small, we asked ourselves the question and I considered that the most important thing was that the children were raised well Love them … I have seven grandchildren. ”

Faced with the big eyes of schoolchildren and their astonished eyes, the candidate for the presidency of the Republic continues: “There are many different families today. There are people who divorce, so there are families that are recomposed. There are same-sex parents. ”

Always with very simple words, Emmanuel Macron adds: “There are several types of families. What counts is that there is always a project of love, that there is a project of life. The most unbearable is a family where people do not like each other. We chose not to have children because it would have been a somewhat selfish choice. And to conclude: “I do not miss it because I love the children of Brigitte as if it were mine. “After all, whatever the reason for his choice, who said that one must have children to be fulfilled in life?


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