Off-the-Shoulder Dress: Did Meghan Markle Break the Protocol of English Royalty?

If there is one thing that Meghan Markle is going to have to say to herself, it is because the faults will not be forgiven anymore. At least not by the British, who have so far been used to Kate Middleton’s classic style. All the choices she will have to make will be studied through a comb, especially on social networks.

Wondering what she did? Well, because of a sartorial choice, she has had some harsh comments, compared to her elder Kate Middleton.

“Kate will always be the classiest”

During Trooping the Color, Meghan, the young American had worn a dress that sparked controversy with the British. She is reproached for having left her shoulders bare.

On Twtitter, a surfer spilled her bile on the Duchess of Sussex. “Kate will always be the classiest of the two. Who wears a dress revealing the shoulders to such an event? That one is not to be done. “


One could also read “A lady? She will never be a lady! She again broke the royal protocol by wearing a sexy dress, while a discreet dress was de rigueur. She will never learn because she needs to grab the light. “

In addition, other reactions were noted, but this time, to temper the debate. “The poor lady can not win. If she softens her style, she will be accused of being too commonplace. If she chooses a sophisticated outfit, she will be accused of wanting to grab the light. “

The shepherd’s response to the shepherdess, another person took out an old picture of Queen Elizabeth, on which she had bare shoulders to defend the American.


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