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Octopus Boy: Meet Omar Martinez, The Teenager That Has 26 Fingers And Toes (Photos/Video)

A young boy who happened to be born with 26 fingers and toes is faced with supporting his family after his parents died.

14-year-old Omar Martinez has reportedly been branded “Octopus” by people due to his extra digits.

Omar, however, revealed that his extra fingers and toes only get to him when people start to stare at him.

While boys of his age are going to school, Omar worked to take care of his sisters. He cuts wood and did odd jobs just to put food on the table.

Omar Martinez

Omar has six fingers on each hand

Omar, who lives in Central America, is one of four children. Since his parents passed away, it had been up to him to take care of his family.

Omar has six fingers on each hand and seven toes on each foot.


Omar inherited this peculiar condition from his grandfather and father. He is able to use his hands and feet like anyone else. He is only bothered when people pay too much attention to him.

Omar Martinez

He has seven toes on each foot in a condition he inherited from his father and grandfather

“No one helps us or me. I have to search for the food,” he says matter-of-factly as he explained that his parents died three years ago and since then, he took care of his sisters. He worked hard to make sure they were fed and he cared for them immensely.

I dedicate myself to my work and the family,” he adds.

Watch the video below that shows how Omar works hard and lives a normal life despite his extra digits.


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