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Obesity Hypothalamic: This 3-Year-old Baby Continues To Gain Weight …

Little Freddie Hunt suffers from hypothalamic obesity, a condition developed as a result of surgery to eliminate a brain tumor.

Six months ago he weighed only two and a half kilograms, but since then his weight has increased to 37.8 kilograms, which prevents him from walking. He’s still stuck in a couch.

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In addition, the young boy lost sight because of the tumor. His disaffected mother said: “We must quickly find a solution, because it could die before next year.”


“We have no options left. If the drugs we want are illegal, we will try them, because we will lose it if we do not ”

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Freddie’s ordeal began when doctors discovered a tumor. With the support of the residents of Yateley, the sum of £ 225,000 was raised for the treatment of Freddie who underwent surgery at the Phoenix Children’s Hospital in Arizona (USA).

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However, after less than three weeks, his stomach began to swell and although he was sick he was not losing weight. Invasive brain surgery had triggered hypothalamic obesity, resulting in excessive and sudden weight gain. Even in this state, Freddie is always smiling and cheerful.

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