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Barack Obama’s High School Basketball Jersey Nets $120,000 at Auction

How much are former US president Barack Obama’s old clothes worth? Six figures, apparently. Over the weekend, his game-worn high school basketball jersey went up for auction in Dallas.

According to reports, the same very Jersey that he wore during his days at Punahou School in Honolulu, was sold at auction for $120,000. However, the buyer chose to remain anonymous.

According to a report by Associated Press (AP): “The jersey was offered by Peter Noble, who was three years behind Obama at Punahou School. Noble, now 55 and living in Seattle, said the jersey was destined for the trash when he picked it up. Years later he saw an old photo of Obama wearing a No. 23 jersey while at school.”

It wasn’t until Obama was elected president that Noble saw the photograph. He thought it was interesting and showed the jersey off to friends out of pride for Punahou. Mostly, the shirt remained in his closet.

L-R: Obama playing basketball in high school. The jersey.

Ahead of the sale, Noble told the AP that he would be donating some of the earnings to the school “because I owe so much to Punahou,” and he joked that he wished he’d gotten his hands on another jersey as well.

“I wish I had grabbed No. 5 because it was Darryl Gabriel and Darryl Gabriel was my favourite player,” he said, noting he remembered that Obama was on the basketball team when Gabriel led them to the state championship.

However, Punahou spokesman Robert Gelber said the school is “enormously proud” of Obama, but cannot confirm the authenticity of the jersey.

“We simply cannot make comment on the authenticity of the jersey itself,” he said. “It’s not something we are able to do.”


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