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Obama Back In US Politics: “It Will Be A “Delicate Dance”

Former US President Barack Obama intends to return to political life to help the Democratic Party rebuild itself.

According to The Hill newspaper referring to an adviser of former head of the administration, Barack Obama would count to make its reappearance on the national political scene this autumn.

According to his information, it will be a “delicate dance”, as the Democrats want him to intervene cautiously.


The plan for its next actions will be developed in the near future.

“Counsel close to Obama say that most of his work will be behind the scenes, although he intends to play an active role in rebuilding the party,” said The Hill.

He is expected to participate in fundraising for the party.

Barack Obama remained president of the United States for 8 years, the maximum time allowed by US law. On January 20, 2017, he handed over his powers to Republican Donald Trump who won the presidential election against Democrat Hillary Clinton.


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