Nuclear Test: Donald Trump Says He Is Ready To Negotiate With Kim Jong-un

US President Donald Trump said on Saturday that he would be “absolutely” willing to talk on the phone with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.


“I still believe in the discussions,” Trump told reporters from Camp David’s presidential residence. “I would of course, I have no problem with that,” he added.


Since the election of Trump, the two ‘enemy’ presidents have been attacking through the media. North Korea also agreed Friday to hold official talks with South Korea, the first in over two years, after Washington and Seoul delayed a military exercise in Pyongyang’s nuclear and missile programs.

The talks between North Korea and South Korea should secure the Winter Olympics, to be held in South Korea next month, and inter-Korean relations.

Trump suggested that the talks could lead to a calming of tensions and welcomed the diplomatic breakthrough, saying it was the result of his constant pressure.

“Look, right now, they’re talking about the Olympics, it’s a start, it’s a great start, if I was not involved, they would not talk about it at all. If anything can come out of these talks, it would be good for all of humanity, it would be good for the world, “he concluded.


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