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Now Africans Are Scared Of The Growing Influence Of China On The African Soil

Scholars and analysts debate about China’s growing influence in Africa. Just in The Monkey Cage, we’ve featured posts asking whether China’s influence in Africa is something to fear, how China’s role in Africa isn’t as dominant as we think, why fearing Chinese aid to Africa is wrong, and still more.


But what do Africans think of China’s influence in Africa?


Across the countries surveyed, 63 percent of respondents thought China’s economic and political influence in their country was positive. In Mali, 92 percent of citizens said China’s influence in Mali was positive.

The countries in which less than half of the respondents had a positive opinion about China’s influence included Algeria, Egypt, Ghana, Lesotho, Madagascar, Morocco and Zimbabwe.

While still positive, the average African opinion on China’s economic development assistance was less enthusiastic.



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  1. Comment* Those who fear have a point. Mostly self interents are the motivating factors. But let the Africans too use whatever support to better the citizenry.

  2. If they feel they’re in a position to fear the chinese, they have no one else to blame but themselves for creating a giant gaping hole where they are playing the chinese game vs. dictating terms that work for africans. Stupid men with selfish desires have always been the bane of the continent.

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