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Notre Dame de Paris: The 200,000 Bees in Hives of the Cathedral Survive the Fire


Tens of thousands of bees kept in hives on Notre-Dame’s roof survived the fire that ravaged the cathedral.

The 200,000 insects were found alive, said Nicolas Geant, beekeeper of the monument.


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Nos abeilles de la Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris sont toujours en vie !! Confirmation de la part des responsables du site !! ❤🐝❤ Notre-Dame's bees are still alive !! #Beeopic #apiculture #abeilles #ruches #NotreDame #Notredamedeparis #cathedrale #ambroise #saintambroise #stambroise #miracle

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“I’m so relieved. I saw satellite images showing that the three hives were not burning. I thought they went with the cathedral, “he said.

Mr. Geant has been taking care of bees since 2013, the year they were set up as part of an initiative to stimulate a decrease in the number of bees.

The beekeeper said that the carbon dioxide contained in the thick smoke of the fire left the bees in a sedative state instead of killing them. According to Mr. Geant, when bees smell fire, they “gorged themselves with honey” and protect their queen.

The bees raised on the roof of the cathedral produce on average 25 kilos of honey each year.


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