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Not Going On Exile, President Mugabe Resigns With Full Immunity And Will Stay In Zimbabwe

The 93-year-old leader will also be allowed to keep his private properties in return for a peaceful transition of power and his resignation letter has already been drafted, a senior source told CNN.

Mr Mugabe has already been stripped of the leadership of ruling party Zanu-PF, which had demanded he steps down by 12:00 local time (10:00 GMT) today or face impeachment.

The deadline has now passed and Zanu-PF officials have branded Mugabe a “source of instability” in a draft impeachment motion.

The party, who sacked Mugabe as leader yesterday, has accused him of showing disrespect for the rule of law and blamed him for an “unprecedented economic tailspin” over the past 15 years.

Zanu-PF spokesman Simon Moyo said Mr Magabe had been notified of his removal as party president and a motion calling for his impeachment will be tabled on Tuesday.

Party officials are confident that it will take two days to impeach the deposed President of Zimbabwe.

Robert Mugabe’s resignation letter has reportedly already been drafted
Paul Mangwana, the party’s deputy secretary for legal affairs, told reporters that a special impeachment committee will oust Mugabe by Wednesday.

Mr Mangwana underlined that Mugabe crossed the line by “allowing his wife to usurp government powers”.

He also argued that the 93-year-old despot is unable carry on due to his old age.

Although many expected Mr Mugabe to announce his resignation last night, it has now been reported that Zanu-PF decided he would not step down in front of the military generals and instead his speech was designed to show the military intervention was not a coup.


Following the army’s intervention last week in response to Mugabe’s sacking of vice president Emmerson Mnangagwa, it has become clear that Mugabe’s 37-year tenure as the Zimbabwean president will shortly come to an end amid widespread demands for his resignation.

It had been feared that Mugabe’s 52-year-old wife Grace would succeed her husband as leader but this is an unpopular prospect for millions of Zimbabweans.

Mrs Mugabe is currently being held by the military leaders who took control of Zimbabwe from her husband, officials claim.

A military official said: “She was a bad influence on Mugabe while he was in power, and was a bad influence on him when we tried to negotiate a deal with him to stand down.”

It had been reported that she had fled to Namibia or was still living with the President but now it appears that she was seized by the military in the early stages of the coup.

Mr Mnangagwa is now expected to take over as leader in the coming days.

Mugabe had been expected to announce his resignation in a televised speech last night, but instead told viewers he would continue to preside over his party at a congress next month.

In a rambling 30-minute address, Mugabe insisted he was going nowhere in an announcement that stunned people across the world.

Meanwhile, the leader of Zimbabwe’s war veterans, Chris Mutsvangwa, said he would initiate court action to legalise the military action against Mugabe after the army seized power on Wednesday.


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  1. Just remember Gaddafi of Libya. Bob has an opportunity to leave alive. Or he my fall to the same fate of Gaddafi and die in the streets at the hand of the very people he has been causing great misery to for the past 37 years. His mind has deteriorated to a point he thinks that he has some forces still loyal to him, which may be the case, but not at the point were they are a military. Robert G. Mugabe is the poster boy for good African leader gone bad, for the lust of power and money. Not practicing the liberation that many fought and died for from U.K. colonial oppression. But so choosing to be a puppet of the U.K. for 37 years to lie to Zimbabwean at the same time be paid by the very white British colonial war machine to suppress the people with lies and deceptions for his own ego and personal gain. And all the while his benefactors are waiting in the back ground trying to not have ED Mnangagwa take over because there will be not deals cut to give land back to white farmers as Bob was on his way to doing and paying white farmers for land that is rightfully indigenous blacks lands that never got any benefit from the bread basket bullshit white lived so lavishly from. Zimbabwe may have been the bread basket for Agriculture with white farmers. But know for certain black benefited very little and white privilege stayed in power, while blacks did all the work while white farmer took all the profits. Game is over. Never will white own is acre of land in Zimbabwe. They stole it, made it their own with fake title deeds and now claim it was stolen from them. That is only the mindset of a thief and never worked for what they have. Only living good off of the stolen lands and minerals that belong to black Zimbabweans. No more discussions about what white people want. They have made untold fortunes from the raping of Zimbabwe. Now they must go home or stay and play by the rules that will benefit blacks first. The same as their white rules benefited on them.

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