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AGAIN!! North Miami Police Shoot Unarmed Black Man Despite Him Lying On The Floor With His Hands Up In The Air

Another day, another case of police brutality by US Police.

An unarmed black man in North Miami was shot by police after a less than tense encounter in which he was lying on the ground with both hands raised in the air, shouting out to police he was unarmed.

He was shot anyway.

Charles Kinsey, 47, is a behavourial therapist who was at the location to help an autistic man who had escaped from a group home.

The victim, Charles Kinsey lies in his hospital bed recounting his story.

The man, Rinaldo, had a toy truck he was playing with. Police said they had received a call that a man was brandishing a gun and threatening suicide.

Kinsey was trying to calm down the autistic man when police arrived, and he lay down and put his arms up to forestall any potential tension that might lead to another of the many police shootings of unarmed black men. He said after laying down for a while, shots rang out and he realised in shock that he had been hit.

Worse, he said the police officers handcuffed him to the ground as he bled in the aftermath of the shooting. Luckily, he didn’t die, and is recuperating in a nearby hospital.

Police have refused to comment on the matter except to say the officer involved has been placed on paid leave pending investigations, a routine occurrence in officer involved shootings.

Local station WSVN carried out a report on the story. Check it out below

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