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North Korean Missile Shooting: The ‘Last Craft’ Was Headed For Russia Not USA, Before Exploding!!

While the details of the last North Korean missile strike haunted the planet, Seoul Economic Daily put forward its hypothesis about its potential route: the aircraft could either head towards a port or into Russian territory.

The North Korean missile shooting that exploded a few seconds after the shooting still caused a lot of ink. As assumed by the Seoul Economic Daily , quoting an informed source, the failure would be due to the unexpected trajectory of the missile: unlike the previous shots where missiles were launched “with an azimuth of 89-90 degrees to the east” , The last time the launch azimuth was estimated at 49 degrees. Thus, in all likelihood, the missile had to head towards the North Korean port of Rajin, behind which already extends the Russian territory:

“If the ballistic missile flying to the northeast region had not failed, it would have hit a port or Russian territory. “

This is in line with the thesis of the deliberate destruction of the missile by Pyongyang after a 48 km journey. According to the US authorities, it would be a medium-range KN-17 ballistic missile that dislocated before falling into the Japanese Sea without leaving North Korea


In this way, Korea could have sent a message to the United States to make it clear that it did not intend to give in and would continue its missile tests, although above its own soil, ‘She did not want direct confrontation,’ one reads in the edition.

In response, Russian air defense in the Far East was placed on red alert, according to the chairman of the Defense and Security Committee in the Council of the Federation (upper house of the Russian parliament) Viktor Ozerov.

Previously, despite the first declarations by Seoul and Washington on a failed missile launch, the South Korean authorities concluded that the test was a success. According to them, the missile did not explode due to technical failures, but was deliberately destroyed according to forecasts. Pyongyang explains that he was working on the detonation of a nuclear warhead.

On the night of 28-29 April, North Korea conducted a new test of a ballistic missile in the Bukchang area, north-east of Pyongyang. According to the South Korean army, the missile exploded a few seconds after the shooting.

Source: Sputnik France


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