North Korea Threatens China With “Catastrophic Consequences” If It Pursues Economic Sanctions!!

North Korea has warned China that there will be “catastrophic consequences” for their bilateral relations if they increase economic sanctions against the authoritarian state.

In a rare case of Pyongyang using the state media to threaten Beijing, the North Korean government has threatened with a comment written by a person named Jong Phil, published by the Korean News Agency (KCNA) ).

Referring to his partner business and only ally , the commentary accused the Chinese of not criticizing the measures taken by the administration of Donald Trump , while continuing to take the measures punitive against Pyongyang .
The comment reads: “Not a word about the American act of pushing the situation on the Korean peninsula to the brink of war after presenting its most demanding strategic assets in our waters.
The comment continued: “Particularly, China is talking about bullshit that North Korea needs to reconsider the importance of relations with it and that it can help preserve the security of the peninsula in order to have the support and Its economic prosperity.
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