North Korea Threat: Donald Trump Could Strike ‘By The End Of March’; Expert Warns

American Lawyer Jim Rickards warned Donald Trump will strike an attack to North Korea by the end of March 2018 to prevent “existential threats” from Kim Jong-un.

The American lawyer and finance expert said the progress made so far by Kim Jong-un with his nuclear programme suggests Donald Trump will only have a five months window before North Korea could start World War 3.

Speaking to As Good As Gold Australia, Mr Rickards said that in a meeting he had with CIA director Mike Pompeo and National Security Advisor to the President General McMaster, it emerged that the threat of a nuclear war by the hands of North Korea was imminent.

He said: “I give a 70 per cent probability to a US attack, what we’d call a preventive war that we started but we’re doing it to prevent existential threats to us, to the United States, before the end of March.



North Korea news: Trump will strike by the end of March, warns expert Jim Rickards

“The reason I can put a specific date on, and I met in Washington DC a couple of weeks ago with Mike Pompeo, the Director of the CIA and with General McMaster, the National Security Advisor to the President.

“Mike Pompeo said that it would be imprudent to assume that it would take North Korea more than five months to have the ability to threaten the United States.

“We know he has atomic bombs, hydrogens bombs. We know he has immediate range missiles, ballistic missiles and ICBM, so those two things are known.

“There are still a few missing points, but not many. And he’s made progress faster than anyone expected.

“So if they have five months and that’s the window and they can’t have it, but North Korea is persisting, there is no sign is either going to stand down or end his missile programme, therefore we’re heading for war.”

Speaking at the Munich Security Conference, Senator Jim Risch said a war between the two states would be “one of the worst, catastrophic events in history”.

Donald Trump’s administration is not bluffing when it threatens North Korea with the prospect of a nuclear strike, Senator Jim Risch told the crowd in Germany.

Senator Risch said: “There is no more dangerous place on Earth than the Korean peninsula right now.

“The President of the United States has said, and he is committed to, seeing that Kim Jong-un is not able to marry together a delivery system with a nuclear weapon that he can deliver to the United States.

“The consequences of that are breathtaking when you think about how this could happen. “If this thing starts, it’s going to be probably one of the worst catastrophic events in the history of our civilisation.”


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