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North Korea Shows Its Muscles And Faces The United States!!

Tensions on the Korean peninsula. While North Korea is organizing a large military parade in its capital to celebrate the 105th anniversary of the birth of Kim Il-sung, the founder of the regime, many observers fear a new underground nuclear test or a new missile launch. Determined to dissuade Pyongyang, the United States deployed an aircraft carrier in the region. After the US strikes in Syria and Afghanistan, this deployment raises concerns about the US response to North Korean “provocation.” But in Seoul, South Korea, everything is calm.

Tanks, missiles, soldiers marching at the goose step, and an impeccably aligned crowd. North Korea is organizing a new monumental military parade for the 105th anniversary of its founder, in the presence of the current leader, Kim Jong-un, dressed in civilian clothes.


For the first time, Pyongyang presented at the parade a ballistic sea-surface missile. According to the South Korean army, it would be intercontinental missiles.

The regime thus spreads its power and refuses to be intimidated: a nuclear test will take place “when the command will decide”, assured Thursday 13 April its deputy minister of foreign affairs. “We will go to war if [Washington] wants it,” he added.

No worries in the South

In Seoul, these sounds of boots do not cause panic. The South Koreans are used to the bravado of the North Korean regime. They are, in fact, interested in their current presidential campaign. It must be said that tensions worsen each year in April, months of military exercises and propaganda operations in the North.


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