North Korea Promises United States New “Gifts”

Certainly, the belligerent remarks between the United States and North Korea are not going to stop anytime soon. many dailies say that two days after the sixth North Korean nuclear test, Han Tae-song, the North Korean ambassador to the UN said on Tuesday that his country was ready to send other ” gifts ” to Washington.

” The United States will receive other” gifts “as long as they continue their irresponsible provocations and futile attempts to put pressure on North Korea ,” said Han Tae-song.

Before this provocative statement, the UN Security Council met on Monday urgently to agree on a response to the sixth North Korean nuclear test, Russia and China had called for appeasement.

For the North Korean diplomat, the pressures and sanctions will have no influence on his country. He added that Pyongyang would never negotiate on its arsenal of nuclear deterrence.

For Robert Wood, US ambassador to the UN, North Korea once again challenged the international community ” We are currently discussing with our Security Council partners a new resolution that could sanction as strongly as possible North Korea , “he said before continuing” The regime’s advances on its nuclear and ballistic program are a threat to all … Testing, threats and destabilization actions will no longer be tolerated . ”

New sanctions against North Korea in perspective

It will be negotiated in the coming days, new sanctions against North Korea that will be presented by Washington. It will be for the eighth time, before a vote of the Security Council on September 11, as US Ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, said on Monday in New York.

The latest resolutions sanctioning Pyongyang had been adopted unanimously by the 15 members of the Security Council. According to diplomatic sources, the new sanctions could concern oil, tourism, returning North Korean expatriate workers to their country and diplomatic decisions.

It is not excluded that North Korea could put an atomic bomb on a missile that could hit the United States. But Westerners do not have absolute certainty at this stage. Last Sunday, the United States threatened North Korea with a ” massive military response” in case it threatened their territory or that of their allies, while asserting that Washington was not seeking “total annihilation ” of the country .

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