North Korea Promises “Greatest Suffering” In The United States For New UN Sanctions

The United States will pay the “price” in the event of a successful US draft resolution to the UN Security Council, North Korea warned on Sunday ahead of a vote on new sanctions against Pyongyang.

The  North Korea  warned on Monday that the United States would impose their “greatest suffering and pain” if they continued to push the UN to tighten sanctions against it after the sixth country’s nuclear test.

In a statement issued by the official KCNA news agency, the Foreign Ministry warns that if Washington “puts in place this illegal” resolution on tightening  sanctions , North Korea will ensure that it is absolutely certain that the United States will pay the price. ”

“The actions that will be taken will cause the greatest suffering and pain in the United States,” the ministry said.

“The world will witness how North Korea is taming American gangsters by launching a series of actions that will be tougher than they ever imagined,” he said.

The UN Security Council is called by Washington to rule on Monday on tough new sanctions against North Korea accused of threatening peace with its nuclear and conventional weapons programs.

Pyongyang on September 3 carried out its sixth nuclear test. He said it was a hydrogen bomb or miniaturized H-bomb, suitable for placement on an intercontinental ballistic missile ( ICBM ). In July, he also made two ICBM shots. These nuclear and ballistic activities contravene the UN resolutions, which has already inflicted seven trains of sanctions in Pyongyang.

Russian President Vladimir Putin ruled in early September “unnecessary and ineffective” the use of new sanctions against Pyongyang, believing that “engaging in military hysteria” around North Korea “can lead to a global catastrophe.”

Source: Sputniknews France

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