North Korea: “Nuclear Weapons Will Always Ensure Peace And Respect”

Speaking at a meeting of the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party, North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un praised the deterrent power of his country’s nuclear arsenal.

Kim Jong-un, who spoke on Saturday at a meeting of the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party, said North Korea’s nuclear weapons offer “a powerful deterrent that strongly protects peace and security.” security in the Korean peninsula and in the region of Northeast Asia “against the” nuclear threats of the US imperialists “.

Kim Jong-Un added that this situation demonstrates the relevance of the “byungjin”, the doctrine of parallel development of nuclear weapons and the economy that he revived after his accession to power.


His speech was made after an umpteenth threat of Donald Trump against Pyongyang.Trump said in an “enigmatic” message posted last Saturday on his Tweeter account that “one thing will work” with Pyongyang. He also claimed: “The previous administrations have been talking to North Korea for 25 years, [But] the past agreements and the huge amounts spent have had no effect,” tweeted the US president.

The North Korean leader repeatedly reiterated that the “idiotic behavior of the Yankees” in the Korean Peninsula was the source of the Washington / Pyongyang escalations. Kim Jong-Un sees the slightest opportunity to implicate the United States militarism far from home on the other side of the Pacific, referring in the wake of the annual joint military exercises between Seoul and Washington and the recent installation of US anti-missile systems THAAD in the Korean Peninsula.


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