North Korea’ Leader, Kim Jong-Un Bans Alcohol, Singing And Mother’s Day Celebration

North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un has reportedly banned festive gatherings characterized by drinking and singing. The bans come as part of new measures to ensure better control of the population, revealed the South Korean National Intelligence Bureau on Monday.

“Pyongyang has banned festive gatherings,” Yonhap quoted NIS as saying.

This ban follows the surprise cancellation of the Pyongyang Beer Festival in July, during the extended drought season.


North Koreans who already face severe restrictions on their movements and freedoms are also prohibited from expressing gratitude to their mothers on Mother’s Day.


Sources said the growing popularity of Mother’s Day had taken over Kim Yong-Un’s cult of personality, which is why he would have removed it.

The authorities also revealed that messages of love and loyalty to someone other than Kim Yong-Un would no longer be tolerated.

“It’s really sad that people have to thank” father “Kim Jong-un for whatever he does, but we can not express our thanks to our moms for Mother’s Day,” said one resident from Pyongyang Province.

The National Intelligence Service (NIS), a South Korean intelligence agency, told the local parliament that ” the North sees the holiday as a sign of the daily hardships of the people and has therefore banned any gathering around alcohol, singing and all entertainment  ” With these new measures, the dictator intends to regain full control of the population and stifle the impact of the drastic sanctions taken by the UN.

Meanwhile, President Kim Jong has taken steps to strengthen his grip on the nation’s leaders to ensure their loyalty.


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