“North Korea is a Real Threat”: Obama Calls for Washington to Strengthen its Defense in Japan

On tour in Oceania and Asia, former US President Barack Obama has been speaking from Tokyo to remind Washington that Pyongyang represents “a significant threat not just to the region but to the entire world.”

North Korea represents a “real threat” for which the only remedy is international cooperation, said former US President Barack Obama on March 25 during a visit to Japan. Barack Obama also said that Washington must ensure the presence of missile defense systems to protect the region from possible North Korean ballistic attacks.

“North Korea is a real threat,” he said in a speech in Tokyo. It has developed a program of armaments and shipping of these weapons “which represents a significant threat not only for the region but also for the whole world”.


“For the moment, we have not seen as much progress as we might have hoped. But the important thing to recognize is that no single country can solve this problem as effectively as if we all work together, “said the former occupant of the White House.

North Korea is “a country so far removed from the international norm and so disconnected from the rest of the world” that it is particularly difficult to put pressure on it, he said.

Under his presidency, Washington observed a policy of “strategic patience” with Pyongyang in the hope that sanctions would make him see reason and force him to give up his nuclear ambitions. But during this period, North Korea’s progress on nuclear bombs and ballistic missiles has largely demonstrated the ineffectiveness of sanctions policy.

Barack Obama is touring Asia, which has already taken him to Singapore, New Zealand and Australia.


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