North Carolina host Loses his Job after He cancelled a Nigerian woman’s room Request because He “hates ni***rs”

A North Carolina man was kicked out from Airbnb, (a website for people to list, find and rent lodging)  after telling a business student from Nigeria that the reason he was canceling her room request was because “I hate n—-rs” before sending the woman a string of racist messages.

The intolerant Airbnb host, identified as Todd Warner based on screen grabs of his messages to the woman, was outed by a blog post written by a classmate of the Nigerian room-seeker.

“We were horrified when we read these messages. The language and conduct are unacceptable and violate both our policies and everything we believe in,” Nick Papas, an Airbnb spokesman told the Daily News.
“This host has been removed from Airbnb and we’ve reached out to the guest to offer our full and complete support, including ensuring the guest has a safe place to stay,” he said.
According to a blog post entitled “Racism at Airbnb,” the 28-year-old Nigerian student at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Business reached out to Warner seeking a room in his Charlotte, N.C. house for the end of May. She told Warner that she needed a temporary place to stay while she relocated to Charlotte, N.C. for a new job in investment banking.
“When R u getting here honey?” Warner asks her, having initially accepted her request, according to the screen grabs. The Nigerian student appears in her profile photo with a white woman.
After realizing that the room-seeker was black woman in the photo,  Warner swiftly canceled her request and sent her a barrage of vile messages.
“Find another place to rest you n—r head,” he wrote her before admitting that he “wanted to f–k” her “white friend” who appears in the profile photo.
“You need to relax. Your hatred and anger won’t get you far okay darling,” the woman writes back in a classy response.
Warner continues to send her messages, including one suggesting she “shack with n—r cam Newton,” saying that the Carolina Panthers quarterback lives near him.
The woman told her friend Allicia Luchetti, that she cried when she first read the messages in an interview about the experience.
“For the first time in my life, I’m conscious about my skin and race and the implications these have on my safety and well being,” the woman told Luchetti.
“I’ve heard wonderful things about Charlotte and really hope my experience there reverses my feelings about this incident. It’s hard not to walk around with a little bit of fear this summer in Charlotte, and honestly I’m more than eager to finally relocate back home to Nigeria.”
The woman says she hopes Airbnb will screen their hosts more following her experience.
The home sharing app has been under pressure lately to address racism among users on its site. A black man from Virginia named Gregory Seldon is suing Airbnb under the Civil Rights Act after he was denied a room by a white host but then later accepted after he requested the same room using a profile photo of a white man.

Source: Daily News

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