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Michael Jackson’s Expensive Plastic Surgeries, No One Has Ever Told You Before!!

Up till this moment there are still quite a few names in music that were able to reach legendary status and are still talked about and admired after their deaths, and Michael Jackson is one of them. Jackson grew up with his brothers as part of the Jackson 5 before going solo and becoming one of the most successful singers with more than 400 million records sold around the globe.

Perhaps just as interesting as Jackson’s music career was his personal life. Between allegations of sexual abuse, interesting cavalcade of friends and his ever changing appearance, people couldn’t stop talking about Jackson throughout his life and death. Going back to his appearance, no celebrity changed more dramatically than Michael Jackson.

It’s estimated by some experts that Jackson had more than one hundred plastic surgery procedures during his life. It all started when Jackson wanted to change his nose, and actually asked his sister Latoya to get the operation done to see how it would look. What came afterward was what some friends said was a complete transformation because he did not want to look like his father. Instead, they said that he wanted to look like his friend Diana Ross.

Jackson was said to have suffered from body dysmorphic disorder, meaning that he was never happy with his appearance no matter how much surgery he underwent. Jackson’s skin went from a very dark complexion to completely pale throughout the years, with one friend saying that “he does not like being black and he feels that blacks are not liked as much as people of other races.” These skin procedures can cost up to $10,000 per session, and there’s no telling how many of them Jackson went through.



While it could never be proven one way or the other, there were plenty of surgeries that were clear to the public, even if Jackson didn’t admit to them. Jackson quite obviously had a rhinoplasty, a cleft placed in his chin, cheekbone lifts and reconstruction, lip augmentation and a forehead lift (all at the very least).

Rhinoplasty costs can reach up to $5,000, receiving a cleft can cost $3,000 to $5,000, cheekbone surgery is at least $3,000 per session, lip augmentations are nearly $5,000 and forehead lifts can cost $3,200. That is nearly $20,000 for each of these surgeries, and there were times when it appeared that Jackson underwent the same types of surgeries on multiple occasions.

It has been said by sources and experts that were close to Jackson that he underwent a half dozen nose surgeries as his nose continued to get smaller and smaller. It got to the point where in 2002, Jackson had to wear tape on his nose after a graft or implant broke through the skin and that his nose was beyond repair at that point.

A lot of celebrities have been rumored to pay nearly six figures for plastic surgery, but all of them pale in comparison to the estimated amount that Jackson was rumored to spend. Since he was never happy with his appearance and paid high priced doctors to go under the knife, the estimates of Jackson’s surgery spending reached into the millions. An exact number would be almost impossible to calculate, but it appears to be in the $1 million to $3 million range.

It was tragic that Jackson was never happy with his appearance, and it has left a lot of people wondering just what he would have looked like if he had never gone through the surgeries, and if having that many procedures could have possibly led to his death. Unfortunately, we will never get an answer to those questions.


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