No One Ever Told You That Onions Could Do These Miraculous Things

Onions are part of the Allium family of vegetables and herbs, which includes chives, scallions, leeks, and garlic. Hence, Allium vegetables have been cultivated for centuries not only because of their characteristic, pungent flavors, but because of their medicinal properties as well.

Onions come in different shapes, sizes, colors, and flavors. The most common types are yellow, white, and red onions. The flavor can vary from juicy to sweet with a mild flavor to spicy, sharp, and pungent. Usually, this depends on the season in which they are grown and consumed. According to estimations, around 105 billion pounds of onions are harvested every year worldwide.

Regular consumption of onion decreases the risk of several types of cancer, improves the mood, and maintains the health of the hair and skin. What’s more, this vegetable is low in calories and high in nutrients like vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

Hence, onions are rich in quercetin- an antioxidant, which relieves the body from free radicals and maintains its health. Onions can be consumed as a juice and treat respiratory diseases due to their cleansing properties.

Onions are great for treatment and prevention of several health problems like:

Cardiovascular diseases


High cholesterol levels


Onions have been used as a remedy for treating numerous conditions for centuries. Take a look:


The Cherokee Indians used onions to treat children suffering from colic. The recipe includes slices of yellow onion boiled in water, and then left to cool off and then strained. The dosage is 1tsp every hour, or until the symptoms disappear.

Chest congestion

Mix one crushed onion and some coconut oil until you form a paste and rub your chest with it. Afterwards, put a towel on top and put on a shirt. Leave it like this until it gets warm and then remove the towel and rinse your chest.

Earache and ear infections


Chop one onion and then put the chopped parts inside a sock (the thinner, the better). Tie the sock up and place it onto the affected area. Secure it with a hat or a headband. After the pain is gone, remove the compress.


Take one larger onion and cut it in two halves. Then, apply one tbsp of brown sugar on each half and leave the halves for an hour. Afterwards, eat them. Repeat this treatment twice per day until the coughing stops.


Use the transparent skin of the onion to stop bleeding of minor cuts immediately. Additionally, you will provide antiseptic benefits to the skin and protect it from harm.


Slice an onion into thin slices. Then, mix them with some coconut oil and use the mixture to massage the bottom of your feet. Afterwards, put some slices of onion on the feet arches and secure them with a cling wrap. Then, put on sock and leave them overnight.


Cover one white or yellow onion with cheesecloth and squeeze the juice from it. Then, make one cup of peppermint tea and leave it to cool down. Then, take two teaspoons of the onion juice, and after 5 minutes, take two teaspoons of the cold tea. After 10 minutes, take one sip from the onion juice.

Repeat the treatment until the symptoms disappear. 20 minutes are enough for your vomiting urge to go away.

Additional uses of onions:

  • Rub it onto the skin to prevent insect bites
  • Rub it onto the scalp to speed up hair growth
  • Put it in your clothes as a protection against moths
  • Boil and spray some onion juice on your plants to keep away pests and bugs
  • Clean your iron with onion slices to prevent rusting
  • Onion juice is excellent for polishing glass and copper objects
  • Onions are excellent for removal of freckles
  • Put slices of onion in different parts of your home. In this way, you will cleanse the air and destroy all viruses and germs.

The World Health Organization supports the use of onions in case of coughing, congestion, bronchitis, infections, colds, and the flu.



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