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‘No Natural Hair, No Work’: Liberia’s Finance Minister Bans Employees With ‘Unnatural’ Hair


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  1. Yes, this is a square peg in a square hole. Gradually African are putting conscious Africans into administration. This is a billion dollar industry that doesn’t favor Africans in all aspects, except the natural hair

  2. well I had a job were you couldn’t were loud Color hair. No long braids has to be shoulder length. They tried to stop the makeup but they said many women have skin problems and maybe need to hide it or it’s there right to do so. But I have had a job we’re they didn’t care for my natural hair. But I said I would quit my job before I put a perm in it just to get a check. Now I have a job were they love my natural hair, even the whites do to. I’m amazed over that.

  3. I think it’s time that the Africans should showcase the essence of Africans culture instead of reflecting themselves as honorary white people and judging themselves by European standards,men,women and children.Look African and think African

  4. It shouldn’t be a problem that he started with the women. It is women who have this problem primarily. The discussion about why it doesn’t apply to men is beside the point.

  5. They better NOT EVEN think about stopping makeup or they REALLY HAVE a serious problem!!!! They gotta a nerve enough controlling our hair.
    Not fair what’s so EVER. It is our GLORY. You Will not control nor touch our HAIR! It’s not right. Site we can live by some of the rules but its becoming too judgemental to me.
    Did you hire us for hair or did you hire us for knowledge.

  6. What if those who manufacture the artificial hair say they won’t support the government that bans their products. Where will the people employed in the industry go to after loosing their jobs? Didn’t he think that there are some of his fellow citizens who earns a living from these factories or industries? As much as he should advocate for the natural hair, he should also have a solution to those that depends on the sale of the same.

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