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No Living Nigerian or African Can Match Buhari’s Electoral Value – Nigeria’s Abdulmumin Jibrin

A member of the House of Representatives has said that no living Nigerian or even African can match the electoral value of President Muhammadu Buhari.

The lawmaker representing Kiru/Bebeji federal constituency of Kano state, Abdulmumin Jibrin while speaking to journalists in Abuja said while every politician has his or her own value, none including all those leaving the ruling All Progressives Congress can meet up with the electoral value of the president.

Speaking on the gale of defection rocking the APC, Jibrin said: “In politics, everybody has value and the president has never said they do not have value. The national chairman has never said they do not have value, Adams Oshiomole. The president has never said they do not have value.”

“We have never said they do not have value. They all have value. In politics, you have electoral value and you have political value. Electoral value is when you have the votes. Political value is somebody who has access to the media,” Jibrin said.

He noted that President Buhari is known as someone who can connect with the masses.

The lawmaker said: He can network with people. He can mobilize resources. He does the contact, the networks and everything and the rest. So,everybody has his value. You can have somebody who doesn’t,even, cannot bring one vote.”

“He (Buhari) has access to resources, whatsoever you have and the rest but the point that we are making is that we have not seen a kind of defection but all the group of prominent Nigerians that are leaving the party be who you are that can affect the fortune of APC or that can affect the person of the president because the strategies that we have to make up for whoever will lose or whatever will lose is far more effective.

For instance, all of them,they can only count in terms of political value but when you talk about electoral value, there is no any living Nigerian or no any living African that gas the electoral value of president Buhari.

Today, if you are going to have an election in the whole of Africa, it is electoral value. Buhari will come first not to talk about even Nigeria. Tell me one person that can match the electoral value of Buhari. In all the people today saying they want to be president, all, no exception.


Tell me one person that can confidently stand and tell you that I will contest for president and I will deliver state A or state B. No,all of them are saying, ‘we are strategising’. Only Buhari can stand and smile and tell you that I can take 25 states home and there is nothing you can do about it and it has nothing to do with the elites,” Jibrin said.

Jibrin said the party is expectant that the president would garner nothing less than an extra two million votes from what he got in Kano during the 2015 Presidential election.

According to the lawmaker, with the extra votes, all the defectors from the APC will not be able to match up to the president in their various states.

He said: “For instance in Kano, I can assure you that, we are going to give not less than extra 2wo million votes to President Buhari. So,if you have your 300,000 assuming Saraki will go with his 300,000 votes in Kwara which is practically impossible.

“He cannot go with it. I’m telling you. He can’t. But assuming, take it for granted, that he can go with the 300,000 votes, we have additional… Yes, 300,000 votes. That’s their vote in Kwara,” he said.

“The extra two million votes we have in Kano has swallowed it. If somebody in Sokoto is going with 200,000 votes or 300,000 votes, it will be swallowed by the two million votes that we have in Kano.

If Ortom who has mismanaged the case in Benue as against the way the governor of Plateau has been very objective and has managed the situation very well, thinks he can go with some 100,000 votes from what we or 200,000 votes, we still have our two million votes.

We are not even talking about the increase of number of votes in Katsina, Jigawa, Kaduna, Yobe, Born, Adamawa.

The whole of those states will increase massively the number of their votes because what our strategy now in APC is,’oh, if you think we are going to lose something because you are leaving the party, we will now work extra hard to ensure that more of our supporters come out to vote. So, you will see the real of vote in 2019. Nothing is going to affect us,” he said.

Jibrin said there are numerous feats achieved by the president that would help him cling the presidential seat in 2019.

He said President Buhari will win even more than in did in 2015 because he has proved himself worthy of a re-election.


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