No Garlic, No Onion,… Here’s Yet Another Rule Meghan Markle Has to Follow Now that She’s a Duchess

We get married to be happy and not to live as if we were in a prison. Meghan Markle does not seem to get on well with her husband’s grandmother.

But unfortunately when one decides to reach the peak of popularity, there are inevitably sacrifices to be made and it does not enchant the Duchess of Sussex.

When you are part of the royal family of England, you must absolutely submit to the rules of operation of the house. And since her arrival at the palace, Meghan has suffered quite a lot. She was forced to close her accounts on social networks, to put a cross on her country and her career …. Today she has yet to submit to another requirement of the queen.


In fact, Queen Elizabeth recently banned her daughter-in-law from eating one of her favorite foods.

The queen forbids her to consume garlic and onion to avoid having bad breath during royal events. And if nobody consumes it in the house, it should not be an exception.

“We never serve anything with garlic or too much onion. The queen never has garlic on the menu. Explains the chef of the royal family.

Prince Harry’s wife being a fan of recipes made of garlic and onion will be forced to submit to this law so as not to disobey the queen’s commandments.

What else will she face next time? it is the price to pay for having married a most popular man.


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