No Country is More Democratic than Uganda, President Museveni

President Yoweri Museveni says there is no country in the world that has a better democracy than Uganda.

“No country in the world today has a better democracy than Uganda, for example special representation for women, youth, disabled, the army and others,” Museveni said while speaking at the State of Nation the Address delivered to Parliament, Tuesday 31 May 2016.

In the presence of Parliament delegations from Kenya, South Sudan and East Africa Legislative Assembly, Museveni said democracy is one area where Uganda does not need aid.

“I have been hearing some circles talking of “political reforms”.  Modesty is not always a virtue.  The fact of the matter is that Uganda has already carried out the “most advanced political reforms”.”

He said having followed closely world and historical events for the last 50 years, the president was not aware of any society anywhere in the world that is more democratic than Uganda as far as the forms and structures of democracy are concerned.

“This is because the architecture of this democracy was put in place by, mainly, we, the freedom fighters, working along with the other delegates of the Constituent Assembly (CA), who had been fighting for democracy for a long time both here and in other parts of Africa.”

Museveni said the country is now done away with the sub-colonialism of the colonial and the time following the end of colonialism, before the advent of the NRM leadership.

“This is, for instance, the first time we have a Member of Parliament representing the IK people who had been described as the “vanishing tribe of Africa” by one writer in the 1960s.”


“We have, also for the first time, an MP for Tepeth.  We have, for long now, had MPs representing the Ssesse Islands and Buvuma Island.”

He said Uganda’s democratic structure is comprehensive, thorough and massive and can not easily rivalled.

The only pollution to this glorious and massive Liberation Movement has been the mistake of the careerists introducing the use of money in electioneering, the president noted.

“We shall also struggle against that.  Therefore, democracy is one area where we do not need aid because that is what we fought for here and in the rest of Africa for many decades.”

He said the story of Uganda and the NRM is a long one.

“We went through the decades of resistance and liberation (1971 to 1986) and we have been through 3 decades of recovery.”

Uganda’s Constitution provides for representation of special interest groups of women, youth, persons with disabilities, workers and the army – on grounds of historical marginalization.

“Democracy is one area where we do not need aid because that is what we fought for a long time,” Museveni said.

The size of Uganda’s GDP in shillings was 6 trillion in 1986 and was Shillings 74 trillion by 2014.

In US dollars it was 4 billion in 1986 and was US$ 27 billion by 2014.

The size of the GDP of Uganda would be and will be much bigger if we were to export and when we export more products.

“If, for instance, the shilling appreciates to Uganda shillings 2,000 per one dollar, the GDP would be US$42 billion today.”

Source: theinsider


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