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“No Country Colonized by France Has Ever Reached Development” Ivory Coast’s Nathalie Yamb (VIDEO)

Nathalie Yamb, executive advisor to Mamadou Koulibaly, president of an Ivorian opposition party and former president of the National Assembly, declares that “no country colonized by France has ever reached development”.

During a program published on social networks, Ms. Yamb did not miss the opportunity to throw pikes at the current French government. “France cannot do this in this area. She wants everything for her, only and exclusively, “she insisted.

She also criticized the Ivorian head of state, Alassane Ouattara, for working to safeguard France’s protectionist policy. She attacked in particular the currency used in the franc zone and also accused the Ivorian president of ensuring the perpetuation of the dependence of certain African countries including the Ivory Coast to France.

In the video element, she spoke of the context in which she left Côte d’Ivoire. For Nathalie Yamb, this situation occurred following an instruction that the French president would have given to all the French-speaking leaders of West Africa.


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  1. France steals 500 billions annually from the fourteen francophone african countries.No wonder why those countries are so poor.where are the US and the United Nations?

  2. The acute veracity of this statement can be borne out by Rwanda#s decision to walk out of the French Union and pursue a vigorous independent foreign policy with Isreal, Germany, and the UK being new international partners. Today Rwanda has become the jewel of the African continent; Kigali emits a ray of new development that has put Nigeria and the rest of the regional hubs in the shade.

  3. French colonies need to have a serious emergency sitting to discuss nothing but how to eliminate France. Be it using orthodox means, so be it. Other African states should just come in to help tighten the noose.

  4. She would have been on point if she’d localized her comment to African countries. Canada is part of the club. The entire notion and agenda is to keep Africa perpetually enslaved and exploited. Who can’t see the picture?

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