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This Is The ‘Nike Campaign’ Causing Instagram Controversy (+Photos)

Nike is committed once again to celebrate all types of body shapes, colors and backgrounds … Anyway this is what she wants to believe by some users. Recently, the famous sportswear brand has chosen a model plus size to represent his new bras, Sports Bra 101. Paloma Elsesser is the worthy representative of this line size on which brands usually communicate very little.

If many users have applauded this initiative, others blame the brand of hypocrisy because large models in their sizes would be very rare or absent in stores. Rebellious, many consumers have left negative comments on Instagram page of the brand but also on Twitter.


When Nike extends its line of size bra, this is not an innovation of jackets plus size collections. We want to double size D. Even Victoria Secret goes to triple D. #FAIL


So liars … If you go to the Online Store, you can not even find plus size clothing.


It is true that when we walk on the Nike site, we see no model or size coat.

Following this controversy, Nike promised that plus size clothes were now available for sale.



We are happy to have your feedback. We have for now the Rival Nike Pro Nike Pro Hero and available up to size 100 E. Go to find the perfect size.

If the brand has been severely criticized, one can only welcome the initiative basic, yet rarely taken by the brands, including sportswear. While many plus-size model were censored by certain networks social, Nike shows more than ever the importance of representing all bodyand away the physical dictates of our society.

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