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Nigeria’s Wizkid Reveals Why He Dropped Out of School and His Dream for Africa

Nigerian singer Wizkid has a big dream: to build schools in all African countries. In a tweet, the star unveiled its ambitions for the development of education in Africa.

“I will use my own profits from the commercial partnership with Nike to build schools in Lagos. # Education for all children. “

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“I need the help of the fans to choose where we will start. Try to build a school in all African countries. This is my dream. Surulere, Lagos, Ghana and the Republic of Benin “, can read in his tweet.

People Wizkid reveals why he dropped out of school and his dream for Africa


It should be noted that Wizkid began his graduate studies at the University of Lagos, but in second year he was transferred to Lead City University. Later, he dropped out of school to start his musical career.

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In 2009, the star began recording her first studio album “Superstar”. In 2010, he released his hit single “Holla at Your Boy”.

Speaking about his choices, Wizkid revealed that he does not regret having abandoned his studies:

“I do not regret leaving school because it allowed me to focus on my musical career. I will definitely go back to school. Education is very necessary and I hold it in high esteem … “

“I was at university and I dropped out in the second year. Before leaving school, I was doing very well and my parents had no problem; but when my career took another turn, I could not stay in class because people were harassing me. “

“It has become really crazy and I do not think there is a university I will go to Nigeria without being harassed. So, I just had to take a break with my studies and focus on my career right now, “he said.

A few years ago, the University of Cyprus awarded an award to Wizkid for his contribution to the development of Nigerian music.


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