Nigeria’s Dr Charles Awuzie Exposes The True Identity, Story of Reno Omokri


Dr Charles  Awuzie  is a Nigerian  born business man, Technologist, who resides in South  Africa, He being  a global  Certified  Ethical Hacker, has taken it upon himself to expose  Reno Omokri for his Serpentine  And Manipulative Nature, of always  trying  to cause Ethnic  war,  by Spreading propoganda, lies and hate amongst  the Major  ethnic  groups  in Nigeria  just to score political  points.

His  incitement  is capable of causing violence and ethnic  war,  which can take lives  of innocent Nigerian citizens.


Charles  Cautioned  acclaimed  intellectual   Omokri  to desist  from his constant   Abuse and blackmail that lacks Truth,  on Labour  party’s  Presidential  Candidate  “Peter Obi”.


This came after  Charles  has bursted  so many  lies from Omokri  against  Obi,
Omokri had earlier  alleged  that,  half of Obi’s Twitter  followers  where fake.


Charles  who is focused  on truth and  fact,  analysed  both Omokri  and Obi’s  followers , He shockingly found  a whooping  30% fake followers  and meagre 5% on Obi account,  and this fake followers on Obi’s Twitter,  came through  Reno who was the former  manager  of Obi’s  Twitter  Handle.

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Charles wrote in a post he made on Facebook;


“The True Story of Rhino…

A story of an ungrateful house husband who turned social media hero… Read the rise and fall of Rhino:

Like I’ve always said, Rhino is not who he says he is…. First of all, his real name is Bemi**o…I will start with the most recent lie he told…

24 hours ago, Rhino claimed that he bought his house in USA before joining the President Goodluck Jonathan’s administration.


The said house was bought by his ex-wife, Tuokpe Onuwaje in 2009. The house, 1*41 ******* street, Brentwood, California belongs is Tuokpe Onuwaje’s family home.

Rhino was a house husband in the house – Rhino had no job, no career but the well established Onuwaje’s family in the USA welcomed him and accomodated him.

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Rhino was doing “pastor pastor” so the Onuwaje family trusted him and started exposing him to their network.

For your information, the Onuwaje family is well established in California. The  matriarch of the Onuwajes , 81 year old Mama Ayo Onuwaje is still living at the Brentwood home which Rhino claims he bought.

Rhino was broke and broken when Tuokpe Onuwaje picked him up. How did he reward Tuokpe? I’ll get to that.

Through Tuokpe’s elder brother, Godwin Onuwaje (May his soul rest in peace), an Igbo man, Barr. Emeka Maduewesi picked interest in Rhino. This connection would later link Rhino to late Oronto Douglas who was then SSA on Strategy to then President Goodluck Jonathan.

In 2010, Rhino quickly conjured a skit tittled “Emeka” to advocate for a better Nigerian branding. This was probably done to convince or fool Emeka Maduewesi into introducing him to the upper echelon.

Well, Rhino always has a way of using people – especially Igbos. He would later interview Oronto Douglas. That was his entry point into the Goodluck Jonathan administration. It was Oronto Douglas that first asked him to run errands for him and then proceeded to get him on Presidency’s payroll.



Rhino jumped on the offer – a proof that he was unemployed in the USA and found the opportunity of earning N1 m per month ($2000) a big financial breakthrough. Rhino’s job was to manage the Facebook and Twitter account of Mr. Jonathan. Slowly, he would label himself Spokesman of the President – a subtle way to exaggerate his role in the presidency.

With his new found job, Rhino started displaying his real character. He quickly forgot the years Tuokpe worked her a** off to feed, clothe and shelter him. He has become a big fish in Abuja. He would later be accused of making sexual advances at friends of Tuokpe – yes, Natasha Akpoti is Tuokpe close friend. For your information, Natasha Akpoti deleted her accusations to respect her friendship with Tuokpe and not because Rhino threatened lawsuit.

Natasha was also planning to get married at the time she made the accusation and didn’t want to drag the name of her royal husband to be into the mud with a shameless Rhino. Now you know why the post was deleted. But again, Rhino took credit for something Tuokpe’s influence accomplished – this is what he has done over the years, taking credit for what Tuokpe achieved including claiming ownership of their Brentwood home.

At this point, I make bold to challenge Rhino to show evidence that he owns the Brentwood California home. In fact, let Rhino show evidence of ownership of any asset anywhere in the world.

The first time Rhino ever got a job in his life was when Oronto Douglas sneaked him into Jonathan’s administration. Unfortunately, this season revealed his true self to his ex-wife who realised that her “pastor pastor” House husband had an alleged double identity, alleged double sexuality, and confirmed double tongue. She would later dump him to focus on raising her kids who were abandoned by their father.

It will shock you to know that Rhino never invested a cent from his time in the job…. Upon leaving office, Rhino returned to the USA only to discover that he was now homeless.

That was when he started his Rhino- Around the World. He started a nomadic homeless life – using his new found fame to get free swimming invitations to several rivers in the world. Someone said that Rhino lives off women and that his travelling is funded by “rivers” he is swimming around the world.

Rhino’s travelling is actually a vagabond lifestyle – a survival Strategy he devised to hide his homelessness. Everyone thought he was traveling round the world on a global tour and thus nobody cared to ask about Tuokpe and the children at home.
His trip took him to an Ethiopian river.

Rivers in Ethiopia do not encourage life jackets so what happened was a reproduction of another river from the Ethiopian river. Rhino’s world collapsed. He had been caught. First, he tried to hide it. But with people like Charles Awuzie, his double life was exposed. However, the birth of the new Nigerian-Ethiopian beauty gave Rhino something he hasn’t had in a long time – a home.

So as we speak, if you check the transparency tool on Rhino’s page, you will discover that it says something like “this page is managed by one person who lives in Ethiopia….USA… Nigeria.” Rhino now spends most of his time in Ethiopia – once again, housed by his Ethiopian woman and forgotten by his family in California. He owns no house in Ethiopia. He owns no house in USA. He sleeps from hotel to hotel as he travels for Poi across the world – bankrolled by his “rivers”.

My question is this – Rhino, at 48, when will you stop living a double life? This thing of a double life is not new – Ms. Wendell (daughter in-law of the Onuwajes) was the first to expose his tendency to live a double life. If you doubt me, just google his name and add Double identity and see what comes up.

This is just a piece of the iceberg….

I challenge Rhino to dispute any information I exposed here….

In all his years in the USA, he owned no house, no business, no job and only used “pastor pastor” to manipulate those around him.

Ask Rhino about Emeka Maduewesi – the Igbo man who helped him in life. Emeka is 100% Obidient today. In fact, I went to Emeka’s wall and saw where Emeka said those supporting Atiku are hungry for food. I knew Emeka had Rhino in mind.

I’ll stop here as I wait for a DEAR CHARLES AWUZIE and then the screenshots, documents etc will start rolling.

For now, I want you to know that Rhino is not who he claims he is…. He is broke, broken and uses women. This is why he publicly despises women, objectifies their body and advises men not to give girls money because he actually takes from women, he hardly gives to women. He However gives to men – if you know, you know.

He concluded by saying “Our name is Charles Awuzie. We are legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Always expect us”.

What do you think about this, guys?

Is Dr Charles Awuzie telling the truth?



Written by How Africa News


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  1. The base truth is that Reno talks and writes on social media as one who has no established home or family he truly cares for, cherishes and values as a family man, because he writes so carelessly damning all consequences. A real family man cannot do that, at least for the sake of his children and family. He might be radical in thoughts but in expressions his family here on earth has some actual constraints on the extent of his rascality as a man. Real born rascals do however manage to extricate themselves off these family hooks, and when they do manage to extricate themselves, the seen result is what we are witnessing today in the life of Reno. Pitiful!

  2. Let assume the guy is right then RINO is finished, but assuming the man is wrong RINO still need to refute all the claim because silence means contempt

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