Nigeria’s CcHub Partners Google for Entrepreneurs to Raise €20m for 14 African startups…See Full List

Nigeria’s Co-creation Hub (CcHub) and Google for Entrepreneurs have announced the launch of PitchDrive, a 3-week, 5-city European tech hub tour across London, Amsterdam, Berlin, Zurich and Paris.

Pitch Drive features 14 startups from across Africa with hopes of raising €20 million in funding, and to help them will be 6 mentors, including Jason Njoku, founder of iRoko Tv; and Sarah Drinkwater, Head of Campus, Google.

The 14 startups, selected out of 118 entries for Pitch Drive, are:

  1. Kudobuzz from Ghana, currently helping over 14k businesses increase sales with social verifiable reviews & SEO.
  2. Ongair from Kenya, a customer relationship management service for businesses to have real time conversations with customers.
  3. Gebeya, also from Kenya, is an online marketplace for IT talents in Africa to be found & hired.
  4. PiggyBank from Nigeria, enabling Nigerian debit card holders automatically save frequently.
  5. Gloo, another from Nigeria, is an online supermarket that handles homemakers shopping hassles saving time & energy.
  6. PrepClass, Nigeria, is an academic solutions provider offering students tailored learning programs.
  7. Tradedepot, from Nigeria, is a one-stop platform offering brands an automated route-to-market to retailers.
  8. LifeBank is from Nigeria and is about saving lives by mobilizing blood & making it available when needed.
  9. Fashpa, Nigeria, is an online platform that uses on demand manufacturing to deliver fast fashion.
  10. FIREFLY from Senegal is a digital advertising agency specializing in communication in public transport.
  11. GoMetro from South Africa is a high-growth business aimed at improving urban commuting using digital tools.
  12. ClinicMaster from Uganda is a healthcare management software that automates patients’ clinic transactions.
  13. BitFinance is from Zimbabwe and is a financial service that sells and buys BitCoins in Harare.
  14. RealFood from Zimbabwe is an online food service that delivers wholesome & locally sourced recipe boxes.

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