Why Nigerians Should Patronise Local Products

Nigeria is a blessed country, yes. However, though she has almost everything she truly needs, she has abandoned her numerous resources for imported, finished goods.
No thanks to the discovery of crude oil, the result is that, even when we refuse to produce anything to earn foreign exchange, we spend the little we earn from the sales of crude oil importing things that only add value to individuals but hardly the economy. The multiplier effect is that we indirectly pay for the labour of workers in foreign land, thus unwittingly agreeing to the lay-off of Nigerian workers. A director with the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), Moses Tule, gave a prescription: “Be Nigerians again, buy made-in-Nigeria goods.” A survey of Nigerians at a seminar sponsored by the CBN indicates that about 98 per cent of people present wore clothes that have less than 20 per cent local content. Invariably, almost every person is guilty and that has led to the dearth of a number of our manufacturing companies that were the pride of the nation years ago. Instead of patronising imported, ‘toxic’, frozen fish and canned meat which have lost their nutritional value, fish-farming can be encouraged in the country.
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