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Nigerians Are ‘Negroes’, They Should Be Banned From Entering India – Former Minister

Former Goa chief minister Ravi S Naik on Tuesday demanded the Centre government to ban the Nigerians from entering India while alleging that they indulge in illegal activities.

‘The Nigerians come here in Delhi, in Bengaluru and do ‘dadagiri’ in the entire country. The Nigerians should be asked to leave India, we don’t want Nigerian tourists. The Government of India should ban Nigerians from entering India,” Naik told ANI.

He further stated that if the Nigerians come to India to study then the state government and the police should keep a strict watch on them.
“If they have come to study here, a watch should be kept on them to see whether they really study and go to colleges. They don’t study, rather they indulge in illegal activities,” he added.



Referring to the Nigerians with the pejorative ‘Negroes’, the senior Congress leader also said that the Nigerians have been causing ‘problems’ in Goa as well other metropolitan cities.

The Goa Home Ministry had in 2014 during the monsoon session of the assembly referred to the Africans as ‘Negroes’, an error for which then chief minister Manohar Parrikar had to tender an apology after an outcry.


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  1. I am disappointed to read this kind of one sided remarks from a senior person in India. I can only point out a few error from this commentary. When you mention Nigerians, this includes all. This remark is filled with hatred and racism.All Indians could not be taken as good or bad likewise other nations. Tens of thousands of Indians reside in almost every state of Nigeria.Many are staying their without proper papers yet no one says anything.
    I would point out again here that no any Nigerian in India will have the guts to indulge in any illegal activity without the aid of the local. When you apprehend a criminal ,you should also trace the source of his crime. It’s wise enough to request a person who is in deep grudges against a particular race to speak with caution because when you point an accusing finger at someone, the rest of your fingers point back to you.
    It is very improper to insult innocent Nigerians who knew nothing about any ill investigated crime.So while calling for expulsion of Nigerians from India soil, millions of Indians in Africa must not be exempted.
    Let’s give peace a chance.

  2. am a Nigerian. The biggest mistake I made in my life is to visit this small and dirty village called Goa. Where they arrest innocent Nigerian and lock them up for nothing sake… I have travel to different country in the world only in goa I hard that a Nigerian is arrested for #Rap. Which is very #Fake In the history of Nigeria. Let’s not talk about Biafrians who are under going trial for fake drug case. The anti narcotic police inspector #suraj #harlankar is working with the Chief minister #laxmikant #parsekar made plan to arrest any Nigeria and put to jail for nothing. You stay 6 months without know where you are or what you did. before they charge you for an offence you don’t know. Nigeria embassy in india should please do something about that. 2013 October a Nigerian citizen was murdered by #Locals the government did noting and Nigerian protested against it, that result the arrest and put to jail of 51 innocent Nigerian in Goa….

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