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Having Nigerians on a flight Things You Will See

When the flight is full and you all start fighting to get on the plane first.


I must enter please.

Nigerians, when the pilot announces that the flight will take off late:


Lol, but you will still wait now?

When someone with 6 carry-on bags won’t let you put your own bag in the overhead cabin.

what is this behaviour

How did you not check those in?

When you see your country people taking selfies in the first class compartment then going to sit in the economy class they paid for.




When the Nigerian flight attendants starts talking in an accent from a completely different planet.

what saying

“Hartenshorn pliz, deezis a bordin hannounzmen for Earo Contractor flai 364 tew Laygorz…”

Having Nigerians on a flight and hearing “Do you know who I am?” at least once:



8. When someone leads a plane-wide prayer session before take off.


Here too?!

When they say put off your phone but there is still that one ‘businessman’ that is still making a call.


Don’t kill all of us please.

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  1. I experience in the mid 60s two Captains (from Nigerian Airways) at Port Harcourt Airport having a punchup who will take off first. 1 flight was to Lagos (Fokker Friendship) the other Kano (Dakota DC3). We won flying to Lagos…..

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