“Nigerians Cause Problems Everywhere,” Indian Politician asks his Government to ‘ban Nigerians’ from entering India

A former Minister in India, Ravi Naik, has asked the Indian Central government to “ban” Nigerians from entering India, saying his country does not need Nigerian tourists. According to Times of India, Naik said this while speaking to some reporters recently.

Referring to Nigerians as “Negroes”, Naik who is also a senior Congress leader, told the reporters that Nigerians have been causing “problems” in Goa, a western state in India as well other places.


“They create problems everywhere… We do not want Nigerian tourists. The Central government should ban Nigerians,”

Naik said he demanded for a probe into the activities of Nigerians in Goa who he alleged masquerade as students.

“Nigerians come here and do ‘dadagiri’ in Delhi, Bengaluru and the entire country. We should move Nigerians out of here… Have they come here to study? Are they really studying? Are they really going to college, schools? This has to be probed. It is very important,” he said


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  1. Nigerians are of African decent in fact India is very well aware of this because their citizens have came into African territory to accept jobs. Let’s forget how poor India has been and much like the Nigerians the people of India have attempted to flee their impoverished situations as well. What is it with this I am better than you attitude and where dose it come from ? Did India not lead American tourist to believe that they were unsafe in India ? a young couple was beaten the male tied to a tree and forced to watch as his female partner was brutally gang raped has India forgotten ? Nigerians should really stay out of these peoples land they are racist and it is clear that you are not wanted there. I will never forget the image of a man from India with his boot stuck between a Nigerian women’s legs acted he had kicked her there and after having attempted to rip all her cloths off and why well the claim was that she was a sex peddler really and that is better than a blatant rapest against your own kind ? You are the reason that I will never own a saree as beautiful as they are and why should I care about their beauty when many of the very women that make them have lived in fear to wear them their selves

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