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‘Africans Are Corrupt And Need To Leave America’ – Says Donald Trump

Reports that billionaire real estate tycoon and Republican Presidential hopeful, Donald Trump has made another outrageous declaration on his hugely popular campaign trail has gone viral. This time, the target of Trump’s alleged outburst are Nigerians in America.

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According to social media posts, Trump allegedly called out on Africans with a threat to send those in the United States away if he wins the upcoming election.

The citizen posts say that Trump went into a rage during a rally at Wichita, Kansas where he re-emphasized the need to rid America of Muslims.

Trump laid an extra emphasis on the Nigerians who he referred to as ‘corrupt’ and further promised to send away because they have taken all the jobs meant for honest hard working Americans.

He said: “To make America great again, we need to get rid of the Muslims, Mexicans and the Africans, especially the Nigerians. They take all our jobs, jobs meant for honest hard working Americans, and when we don’t give them the jobs, the Muslims blow us up.”


“We need to get the Africans out. Not the blacks, the Africans. Especially, the Nigerians. They’re everywhere. I went for a rally in Alaska and met just one African in the entire state. Where was he from? Nigeria! He’s in Alaska taking our jobs. They’re in Houston taking our jobs. Why can’t they stay in their own country? Why? I’ll tell you why. Because they are corrupt.

“Their governments are so corrupt, they rob the people blind and bring it all here to spend. And their people run away and come down here and take our jobs! We can’t have that! If I become president, we’ll send them all home. We’ll build a wall at the Atlantic shore. Then maybe we’ll re-colonize them because obviously they did not learn a damn thing from the British!”

Surprisingly, Trump was applauded by the 10,000 audience who were predominantly of the Caucasian race.

Trump is renowned for his religious and ethnic hate speeches. Following his anti-Muslim speech, Scotland sacked him as their global ambassador while his honorary degree was revoked.

it was gathered that the British authorities are planning to slam him with a travel ban and he threatened to pull his $1 billion investment from the country if they dare slam him with the ban.



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  1. This Donald Trump must be nuts,does he think his money can rule this entire planet?not with attitude shame on you,how do you expect rule a country with your stupid remarks.If I was an American you could have lost my vote.

  2. Actually he’s being perceived as a political comedian & you know what they say about comedians some if what they say is truthfully spoken in a funny way…e.g. the roundup right now being done in America aimed against Mexicans why no massive protest this time around gaining world wide coverage maybe in all his racist arrogance Donald is letting it be known what’s in store for America and it’s been a long time coming (race-wars) those being released from Guantanamo are mostly if not all arab America hasn’t agreed to house any in the US & though a Nigerian just took office in the US the true good-old boy network has always welcomed them being broken in to just how things are done in these neck of the woods they will compromise to stay (homosexual rights they’ll support) it ain’t Africa ! More in store coming soon Donald as he stated will personally see to it what an interesting year it will be for America…

  3. Trump is stupid. The corrupt Nigerian official stole blind and come to America to spend it and the deprive Nigerians come to take what tightly belong to them back. So where is the offence there. We will not stop coming to America until America stop our money coming illegally to their country

  4. Anyone who believes Trump said this is a Moron. If he really said this there is a recording somewhere. Play it and I’ll believe it.

    • Must be a closet racist I presume on a topic designed for what I feel should be offended Nigerians sounding off on a blatant topic expressing trumps racist views towards them expressing some of their own views, yet we get you !

      • Actually my Guinean (Black African) wife agrees with me! I spent 7 years living in Africa; Guinea, Congo, Burundi, Rwanda, Kenya and found out the truth for myself. Everywhere I went, there was always some asshole with his/her hand out looking for a Bribe. Africa is the most corrupt place on this planet that I have ever been to. At least here in the US, I have never been asked for a Bribe. In Africa it happens everyday.

        Donald Trump is exactly what America needs right now to correct the 8 years of BS that the current Traitor-in-the-White House has subjected us to.

          • Wow! Is that all you can do? Can’t you put an intelligent comment up on this Post? Is that to hard for you?

            Look up the word “Ignorant” in the dictionary. You don’t seem to know what it means.

            As for stupid, well what can i say, i am a Member of Mensa and have an IQ of 151, so it would seem that when it comes to “stupid” you must be the king of Stupid.

            Nice try. You fail.

              • Your response is grammatically incorrect. It’s “an ass clown.” not “a ass clown.”

                But, what can we expect from someone who has a lower intelligence?

                Am I to understand that the term “ass clown” means “someone who requests proof of a statement made by another?” I’m still waiting for proof that Donald Trump said what he is accused of saying, because nowhere on the web can anyone find such a statement.

      • Still waiting. Where is the recording of this comment? Were you there? Did you actually hear it? As usual the Liberals can’t produce the truth so they make it up. Nothing more than Verbal Diarrhea.

        • Trump is the worse thing that can happen to the US after that idiot Bush. America will only realise what a great President you have in President Obama when Trump screws up the country and makes you all so fearful because every person who isn’t white, American, non-Muslim , “perfect” plots against you!
          But then again, you’ll all be too stupid to realise it.

          • Obama is a Piece of Shit. Currently, Polls show that more than 60% of Americans believe he has taken America in the wrong direction. He has taken our debt to $18 TRILLION dollars.

            If you think he is so great, you can have him. As far as I am concerned I wake up every morning and check the News to see if he is dead or not. How disappointing to wake up every morning and find that Half-Breed, waste of sperm is still breathing.

  5. Trump your accusations are stupid, your not “mean” with your comments, you better look in the mirror buddy. Your a classless human being, not refined in any way, I don’t care about your money you know what you can do with it. You are suffering from some deep seeded mental issues, “affluenza” for one. Stop, your a fool, every time you open your mouth, you are over exposing yourself Mr. Showman, we don’t need a dictator !

    • This shows just how ignorant you are about America and her politics. Remember, we have gone more than 260 years as a Democracy. Can you say that about any African Country? No you cannot.

      At her last Campaign event, Hillary Clinton pulled about 600 people to the event. During Trump’s last Campaign event, more than 13,000 attended.

      The American People who support Trump do so because he is the only person who speaks the truth and the only person who cannot be bought and paid for by the Special Interest Groups. That is why many don’t like him. He will become President because he spends his own money, not because he spends other people’s money. Big difference. When he becomes President he will owe NO ONE any favors!

      • Actually I don’t believe a word that you say. I don’t believe that you have spent years in Africa, you tell lies…….I’ve been all over Africa and I’ve never been bribed by anyone. As a matter of fact, I’ve just returned from Ethiopia. If you do have an African wife, you’ve done a number on her, because no self respecting, proud African would marry a person who thinks like you……
        You are a hater and a racist

        • From 2007 to 2010, every place I worked I had a US Embassy ID Badge hanging around my neck and yes, EVERYWHERE I went some asshole would ask for money for a “fee” or “permit” to get things done:
          Conakry, Guinea
          Kinshasa, DR Congo
          Bujumbura, Burundi
          Kigali, Rwanda
          Nairobi, Kenya

          It is easy to throw around words like Hater and Racist when you know nothing else. I doubt you would have the guts to say that to someones face. You hide behind the computer screen like the coward you are.

          What Race do I hate? Answer that. What Race? There is only one Race; the Human Race. African is not a race. Hispanic is not a race. Muslim is not a race. Criminal is not a race, so how can someone be a racist for simply believing that people from Muslim countries that hate the US should be given extra background screening? How can someone who thinks that immigrants who cross our borders illegally (Illegals!) should be sent home be a racist?

          Next time you try to have a battle of wits; don’t come half prepared. And next time, try not to use such hateful words as “liar.” Hater.

          • Okay let me list a few of the hateful words that you have used:
            Verbal Diarrhea
            People like you can always dish it out, but you can never take it. Like I said before, I don’t believe a word that you say, because you tell lies and if I had the chance I would say this directly to your ignorant face.
            I have been all over Africa, some of my family members are Muslim, I have never had anyone try to rob me or bribe me.
            And as for never being in a more corrupt place as the continent of Africa and yes it is a continent, I guess you either don’t or have never visited the United States. Like I said before ,you are a racist and you spew hate and ignorance. You are the typical Donald Trump supporter….. And by the way, stay out of Africa….

            • Stay out of Africa? Who the hell are you? I have two businesses in Africa and three here in the US. I’l go back and forth to Africa whenever I feel like it.

              Are you too stupid to know that People who work, or usedt to work, at US Embassies are US Citizens and US Citizens have been to the US?

              I am a Racist? How can I be a Racist? I like the Human Race; the only race there is! My wife is from Guinea, so she is Black and Muslim!

              Black is not a race. Muslim is not a Race. You are ignorant.

              As far as i am concerned you are a worthless Cunt and I am sure that Michelle’s Bookkeeping is worthless too! Oh Dear! I know where you work.

              • Wow…..I’ve really touched a neve, haven’t I ? You’ve taken the time to try and find out something about me……… Your not only a liar but your a loser as well…….I don’t believe you’ve ever been to Africa and no self respecting African would ever have anything to do with someone as base and ignorant as you…….now go and have another temper tantrum…..your pathetic and I’m done wasting my time on you…

                • Typical Liberal. Call people liars when they say something that doesn’t sit with the Liberal’s position.

                  Loser? Hmmm, well I own 5 successful business with combined annual revenues of just over 43 million dollars last year. I own a beautiful home in Conakry, Guinea and another in Scottsdale, AZ. So, if I’m a Loser, what does that make you?

                  At most you are an African-American, because from your syntax, grammar, and spelling you are not African! My wife who is from Guinea believes that Americans who are black are lazy and stupid due to the number who are on welfare and other programs.

                  As she says, real Africans don’t rely on the government; they rely on family. She’s right.

                  • And It won’t even be ironic when they start targeting the internet as well its only timing !

                • Hehe! It would appear Michelle that you did hit a nerve :-). You’re right, wouldn’t waste too much time on this numpty. Appears to have more money than sense!

                  • Sorry, no nerve hit. It’s just that it takes 42 hours to travel door-to-door from Phoenix to Atlanta to Paris to Conakry, Guinea. Then it takes a good 24 hours to recover from the jet-lag, but hey, I’m in West Africa right now, but I am still here online.
                    Anyone need to see me, I’ll be at Le Petit Bateau restaurant tonight and at the Camayenne Hotel tomorrow for meetings.
                    By-the-way, my guy Donald Trump is leading every Poll and is now slated to win the Primary Election! That was a $1000 political donation that was well-spent. What a great day! Trumps winning and I’m back where I supposedly have never been! Good Times.

                    • That’s cool, we’re all entitled to our opinion. Happy travels but please don’t insult folk on here. I called you a numpty but it’s not as bad as moron etc. And your Trump won’t be the first numpty to run a country. Look at Zuma, Mugabe as 2 prime examples :-).

              • I don’t care how many dam businesses you have in Africa because you shouldn’t have ANY and if they knew how you really feel about them & their people they’d shut every company deeming it a security threat and tell you goodbye & use your company for ideas that you introduced them to helping one of their take your place doing the same work in order that you see how being a traitor is really done maybe your ranting online can becof use…

                • I don’t know what drugs you are taking but they are really messing up your brain.

                  Before you click “Post Comment” I would suggest that you read out-loud your words so that you will hear for yourself how those words make no sense.

                  Try it.

                  • Michael just stop okay because history in the case of the African continent has been accurate starting W/ the Arab slave trade & coupled with the euro following suit & why because truth be told the Europeans had no intentions of allowing their necks to go back under the boots of anyone and I am sure the Arab harams left many unsympathetic supporters who would quickly agree. Problem was that after some light was shed on the dark continent tradesmen never left, leaving behind the lingering effects of colonization. Now because euros are nolonger enslaved you have been afforded the right to sit here acting senil to historically documented when properly researched facts. Also you are still a foreign businessman in theAfrican continent to date aren’t you ? “How’s business been” that would be one fine place to start !

                    • Again, please use some punctuation (, . ; : ).

                      Also try using grammar and paragraphs.

                      Your posting is painful to read plus it lacks any semblance of sense.

          • Almost every country that you’ve named has had some form of American involvement & why is that ? (underhanded exploitation is still big business) yet america continues to rant about what they have to do for Africa…America’s in debt to tune of billions and we all can understand wanting to lend a helping @ times but as we all have our limits with how much help we are truly in position to give so dose countries. Which brings me back to my point why on earth dose America contiounsly stay in resource rich Africa, when their main problems that requires security intervention they have advertised as being the middle East so why stay in Africa one day you basterds will say it “exploitation is still big business” to America & her corporations. As far as Africans always begging for a handout well I was in Africa too and they are in desperate need of work this is the main appeal of wanting to come to the united States “money” & every immigrant mostly from countries all over the world that are now in the united States that I’ve talk to has given similar reasons e.g. Mexicans but non of this implies that they instantly come in begging for handouts work of course handouts only when they realize that they either can’t obtain work or the work they have will not help them live comfortably in America…Africa can thrive and most Americans should understand that they’ve never really needed all the help that you have lead them along with the world to believe that they’ve needed what they have needed us fair trade practices and for America to stop enriching her politicians to the point of treason against the African continent honestly how many would stay in the business if they saw no real money to be made in governmental politics & America can never teach Africa this because she with her politicians suffers the same fate & has feverishly worked to spread it works wide ! (& we wonder why Kenya dosen’t want Netflix another American based companies business in its country calling then a SECURITY THREAT wow really a security threat set in place to corrupt their people and their morals)

  6. Why so people hate a person who been honest ,infarct Donald I love you ,you saying the truth ,you can say that again ,our leadership here I’m Africa are evil, and the worst part of it is they got no shame ,money made for every one ,just because they are in power they stole the whole money for them self alone ,they childrens has turn to be be drug adit , why can Africa fix there countries and allow Americanot to come work for us ,God deliver us

    • Mechi,

      Thank you for your honestly. The 7 years I lived in Africa were enough for me to see that Africa is nothing more than a Corrupt Continent led by corrupt Politicians, who are supported by corrupt Civil Service Workers.

      • Does Africa in this context mean a country like mine, Botswana? If you have ever paid a bribe here then maybe you are the corrupt one.

  7. He is truly the most despicable politician. I really don’t understand how he can be sooo unimaginably racist, and so rude to Muslims and still manages to get one of the highest polls. I am neither a Muslim nor a Nigerian, but how dare he disrespect human beings like this? The saddest thing is, there are educated people voting for this delirious excuse of a man! If he actually wins this election, all the hopes and futures of our hardworking African, Muslim or Mexican brothers and sisters are going to get crushed, so pleases do the most logical decision and do not vote for him!!!

  8. All of it is sack as fuck bitch soon as he say something pertaining to YOUR RACE don’t cry cause bitch u voted for him el chalpo and all the other rebels mount up we got a mission to execute

  9. This is the height of insanity from a fool who displays nothing but senseless stupidity and he’s best quarantined in psychiatric home. I can’t stand his satanic, racist, and inhuman utterances. He’s such a BIG BASTARD

  10. Trump Went to alaska saw 1 nigerian who was taking all our jobs. Maybe 100 of those could make us great agaim. Cam i put in a green vard request or a few?

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