Why Nigerians And Other African Countries Will Have To Apply For Visas To Visit Ghana From July

Ghana is set to begin a restriction in the emigration to its country from Nigeria and others despite its commitment to the ECOWAS policy of free movement.
John Dramani Mahama
Ghanaian President, John Dramani Mahama has said that citizens from Nigeria and other African countries must apply for visas before allowed entry into Ghana, according to Nairametrics.
The President said visas will be issued at the entry point and would attract an option of 30 days stay in the country.
This policy will take off from July.
“With effect from July this year, we will be allowing citizens of African Union Member States to enter our country and obtain visas on arrival with the option to stay for up to thirty days and experience what our country has to offer,” said President Mahama in his address.

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