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A Final Year Nigerian Student, Omijie Osas, Has Built an Amazing Touchless Technology from Scratch

A final year University of Benin student, Omijie Osas, has invented an amazing technology.

An inspiring video demo which he released online shows how a phone can be operated completely by a finger 2cm above the screen. The phone was built with locally available parts. “I’m working hard on adding lots of cool features and improvements in the lab, this is just a tip of the mountain of innovations,” he said.
Omijie Osas student build touchless phone
Below is what Osas wrote about his latest invention;
”Nigeria is blessed with intellectual resources, but we’ve been mentally conditioned to tapping the resources under our feet rather than those between our ears. Well, times have changed, and believe it or not, within the next four years, a Nigerian made phone will dominate the global phone market and shock the world. We’re hungry, dogged, and strongly determined to make the memory ours, while others are still dreaming.”
~ Omijie Osas.

The phone in question is a one-of-a-kind touchless phone built by Omijie himself. In a YouTube video, he demonstrates how the phone works and demoes the touchless technology.

He hopes that, with support from relevant quarters, his creation can take on the likes of global tech giants, Apple andSamsung.

Let’s hope innovation on this level actually gets rewarded. What do you think this young man should do now? Does he continue with his studies or start his own company competing with the big world brands.

Watch Video Below


Have you seen Minority Report (come on, who hasn’t?) if you havent please do check out the clip. watch as John Anderton goes through holographic reports and databases solely with his gloved hands? Touchless technology based on gestures instead of clicks and typing may have been an element from a sci-fi movie in 2002 but it’s no longer science fiction today. This is what this young man has achieved.

Watch Video

source onlinenigeria

If you know success stories like these in your City, town or Village anywhere in Africa, let us know and we will tell the world. There is never a perfect time to let everyone know. This is your time Africa.

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