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Nigerian Student ‘Chibueze Elisha King’ Sets New Record As Best Graduating Student in EMU, Europe

It is an innate human nature to be the best and Nigerians have proven they possess that nature, possibly more than any other nation in the world. They may not always win, but you can always see that desire oozing out of them.

In business, academics, athletic, arts, humanities, science and what have you; nigerians have competed head on with the like of China, USA, Germany, South Korea, India, Russia and so on. Hence it is almost no surprise that a nigerian student studying at Eastern Mediterranean University in Northern Cyprus, Europe has been named the Best Graduating Student in the just ended EMU Spring 2016 Graduation Ceremony.

Nigerian is named best graduating student at emu cyprus


His name is Chibueze Elisha King, he graduated as an Engineer from the department of Electrical Engineering with a 4.0 GPA. A great achievement as he is the first student in the whole history of EMU to graduate with a perfect score. The last student who attempted the feat from his notoriously difficult department could only get to 3.98, and that was with the assistance of a re-sit exam.

We congratulate all Nigerians worldwide for their many achievements as a people and as a nation. Too bad that more of the bad side than the good is usually portrayed in mass media. We express our deep congratulations to Mr. Chibueze Elisha King. We know it was a taxing era of your life but we are glad you came out victorious.

To every student in EMU, North Cyprus and world-wide, try to emulate his exemplary success.

To every other aspiring students wishing to study in Europe at Eastern Mediterranean University in Northern Cyprus, the admission process is still on going. Apply today for get admitted and win a scholarship as international students from all countries in Asia, Europe, Africa, Americas, and Australia.


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