Nigerian Soldiers Kill 38 Armed Bandits

Nigerian soldiers man a checkpoint in Gwoza, Nigeria, in 2015. At the time, the town was newly liberated from Boko Haram.

The Nigerian military on Monday confirmed 38 bandits killed so far this month during various operations carried out by government forces in the northwest region of the country.

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A total of 198 others, including their collaborators, were arrested during the Operation Sahel Sanity taking place in that part of the country, said Benard Onyeuko, a spokesman for the military, in a statement.

The statement said 108 hostages were also freed from the bandits during some search and rescue missions by troops.

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“Also, a total of 10 bandits’ camps and logistics bases were destroyed by troops of Operation Sahel Sanity,” the statement said.

The troops thwarted 47 attacks by the bandits, as well as 31 kidnap incidents during the period while intensifying operational activities in the region that has been wracked by years of violence.

The military statement said the entire Operation Sahel Sanity aims to completely rid the region of bandits, cattle rustlers, kidnappers, and killings of innocent citizens.



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