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Nigerian Singer, Davido Accused of Having Got Rid of the Body of a Young Man Dead in His Car

Nollywood’s popular actress Caroline Danjuma has recently laid charges against Davido. According to Caroline, Davido would have abandoned the body of a young man named Tagbo in a hospital, after he died in his car on Monday night.

Davido accused of having got rid of the body of a young man dead in his car

In a post on Instagram that was removed, she revealed that after leaving the body in the hospital, Davido and his band who wore hats to avoid being recognized, went back to the night club to continue amuse.


Davido accused of having got rid of the body of a young man dead in his car

Below is the translated message of the actress:

Davido, where is Tagbo … he was with you and your team last night … You all wore hats in your face to hide your identities after he died in your car … You left him in the general hospital and you ran away … the law must play its role this time … you better bring Tagbo back to life … @davidoofficial. After you all dropped him off at the general hospital, you continued your stupid party at DNA and had the audacity to promote your show … this is not an ordinary boy you can intimidating his family … we need you to tell us how he died in your car and why you ran away … the police and the hospital confirmed that you all fled … if you think your money can save you, you have just met your equal. I promise you.


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