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Nigerian Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Casts and Binds Coronavirus, Says It’s Demonic Work (VIDEO)

The pandemic coronavirus has shaken many people to their depths as it continues to ravage many countries as they try to contain its spread and find solutions to it.

There have been reports of countries shutting down their embassies to prevent citizens from countries where the virus is prevalent from coming in.

Many governments are doing their best to ensure that the disease doesn’t get worse while urging their people to keep maintaining proper hygiene.

While the Nigerian government is also working hard to practically manage the disease, religious leaders are praying and assuring their followers that all is well.

Chris Oyakhilome, the founder of Christ Embassy also known as the Believers Love World, is the latest pastor to public pray against coronavirus.

The man of God shared a video on his social media page and it showed him binding and casting the influence of the disease on people.


Referring to the pandemic virus as the work of the devil, Pastor Chris noted that Christians have been given power over unclean spirits and diseases.

“In the name of Jesus, we come against coronavirus from the very cores of it, from the very roots of it, and we come against the devils, the demons of darkness that spearheaded this project,” the pastor prayed.

The pastor strongly broke the influence of the disease in prayers. He also commanded the disease to stop its operations over the government of the world.

In the video, voices of people responding to the prayers of the Christ Embassy shepherd could be heard as they loudly said Amen.

Watch the video below:



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