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Nigerian Nobel, Professor Wole Soyinka Tackles Donald Trump Again!!

Professor Wole Soyinka Tackles Donald Trump Again

The Nigerian writer, Wole Soyinka returns to the news with strong criticism against the American president, Donald Trump.

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Indeed, Soyinka on the occasion of the Book Fair in Paris, confided to our confreres Agence France Presse (AFP). For this great figure of literature, if Trump is elected American president, it is because he “exploited the” latent xenophobia “to access the White House.

“He surfed the wave of latent xenophobia that exists in all societies, including mine,” says the writer. The latter is one of those who strongly criticized Donald Trump during the campaigns because of his moods that he expresses and especially his electoral promises. He had even promised to get rid of his American green card in the event of Trump’s victory. What he did the day after the proclamation of the results, giving Trump the winner.

Today at the White House, Wole Soyinka denounces the construction of walls all over the world, specifying that, “Donald Trump has ‘come to power thanks to the a priori of others’

“I am against the erection of walls, especially in the minds of people. I have never hidden my views on this subject, whether in Nigeria or elsewhere, “says Soyinka.

“Donald Trump has” come to power through the a priori of others, “reports the Afp. The writer not only criticized M Trump. He also expressed his anger against those who applauded the US President during the election campaign.

“For me, one of the toughest moments was seeing hundreds of thousands of people truly applauding when (Trump) evoked these feelings,” says Mr. Soyinka

As a reminder, the Nigerian writer had been at the center of a big controversy in his decision to return to Nigeria after the victory of Hilary Clinton’s opponent. Not understood by his compatriots who criticize him, Wole Soyinka says that there are too many illiterate in Nigeria.

On the day of Trump’s investiture, I shall be in mourning. But you know what will be my mourning? I will mourn the death of common sense in Nigeria. Sometimes I feel ashamed to share my nation with imbeciles, “Soyinka, 82, said. He then added that there are “too many illiterates in Nigeria”

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