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Nigerian Man Shares Inspiring Story Of How He Went From Being A Wheelbarrow Pusher To Pilot

A collage showing the man when he was an errand boy versus when he became a pilot. Photo source: LinkedIn/Wilfred Asuquo

A business operation analyst and pilot, Wilfred Asuquo, has used himself as a perfect example of how education is very important in achieving great success. On his LinkedIn page, the Nigerian advised people against the belief that education is unimportant in making it in life, stressing the fact that even the so-called billionaire dropouts hire educated individuals to help them run their businesses.


He said he knew the value of education when he left his village at the teenage age of 16. Sharing a throwback picture, he said he was a common uneducated errand boy in 1997. In the photo, he could be seen pushing a wheelbarrow carrying 50-litre kegs barechested. He added that as soon as he finished his Higher National Diploma (HND), his situation improved to being a pilot.

Wilfred said that education plus the one he received at technical schools like flight college made a big difference in his life. The Nigerian, however, said that in as much as education is a significant tool, improved emotional and social quotient, go a long way too.



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