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Nigerian Man Creates Website To Help Landlords Detect ‘Bad Tenants’

A Lagos landlord simply identified as Attueyi has created a website to help other landlords detect “bad tenants” when leasing their properties.

In a blog post, Attueyi said the website, dubbed ‘BadTenants’, would enable landlords ascertain the history of their prospective tenants.

He added that the initiative will help landlords reduce the risks associated with the process of renting out their properties.

“This site was created to help landlords find out any bad history of a prospective tenant before renting to them. Landlords take all the risks when renting out to tenants,” the post read.


“However, if Landlords work together and report bad tenants to this platform, Landlords can then help each other weed out the bad tenants and minimize business risks.”

According to him, landlords are required to provide basic details about their tenants to facilitate easy research about their previous records.

The details to be provided include tenant’s drivers license (last six digits), National Identification Number (last four digits), name and rental address.

Others include tenant’s rental period, landlord’s pictures of property damage caused by the tenant, comments explaining the issues the previous landlords have experienced with the tenant.

Attueyi said he is also working on how to ensure landlords have access to their tenants’ previous criminal records.

This, he said, will include “criminal records (felonies, misdemeanors and sex offenders), court records, bankruptcies or tax liens among others.”


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