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Nigerian Entrepreneur Makes Furniture From Recycled Waste (Photos)

Though a graduate of Computer Engineering, Olamide Ayeni-Babajide has chosen to turn waste into wealth. 

In a country where there are several policies, although not very effective, on the dumping of wastes, this savvy entrepreneur looked at how they could become a huge source of blessing to Nigerians.

She found her passion in creative works of arts like gathering waste products and recycling it into furniture for homes, offices and social functions.

She founded Pearl Recycling, a Nigerian up-cycling company that is creating awareness for sustainable living and clean environment.

In 2012, she traveled to the United Arabs Emirates where she discovered that a piece of art that cost several hundreds of dollars was actually made from corn shrubs. For her, it was the turning point.


In an interview with Daily Sun, she said: “We lay our hands on any waste products, and we partner with some youths, who provide us with waste, and we pay them so token amount to support them.”

Olamide also disclosed: “We are not like the everyday interior décor merchants, but ours is a different blend of interior crafting, where exquisite office equipment, like shelf, is used to beautify homes. Our personal decors are made from recycled products like woods, bottles and metals, which we turn to wall mirrors, wall frames and flower vase from unused materials.”

So far, her company has trained many young Nigerians, empowering them and creating wealth. With this, old products are converted into new useful ones. Apart from creating jobs, she is also helping to ensure a clean environment.

With the necessary support, we believe this passionate entrepreneur can do more.


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