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Nigerian Diaspora In The United States Agrees To Return Back Home On One Condition

Nigerian experts residing in the United States assembled over the last weekend to initiate the Nigerian-American Business Forum in Florida, and they were loaded with excitement to return home.

Some of them were loaded with commend for the nation that offered them quality education which they are utilizing to build up the United States. They trust the time has come to backpedal home and help create Nigeria, reports the reports the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN).

The team of experts from some America’s Fortune 500 Companies formed work groups to help find solutions to their home country’s problems including electricity, engineering, agricultural infrastructure and health.

However, the question that lingered was: why are they still talking when they can go home?

“We have our Diaspora eager to come home. Most of us here are comfortable and don’t need to come home but Nigeria is our home,” said the president of the forum, Kenneth Shobola.

For cardiologist Oluyemi Badero: “We have been called to different countries, we are ready to do it in Nigeria. For the past five years, there is no month that we are not in Nigeria; Nigeria is littered with under-equipped hospitals.


“We are not looking for jobs, don’t hire us. Just employ our experience to build the country’s health sector. We just want to make Nigeria better if we see committed leadership to limit the number of Nigerians who go outside the country for healthcare.”

Remi Duyile believes the only solution to the country’s developmental issues is to give professional Nigerians the task to build and repair infrastructure because they know the environment better.

“If we are all expecting the U.S., China to do it for us, we are deceiving ourselves. Nigeria’s development must be internal – by Nigerians,” he said. Emelia Orubele supported Duyile’s view saying: “We can’t solve all the problems of Nigeria but with our expertise, we can do a lot to get great results”.

Nigeria is one of Africa’s leading countries with the highest number of citizens outside the continent. Some have relocated to their home country to help in the development process.

Do you ever thing they will do as they have said if the Nigerian government eventually heed to their request and provide with comfortable working environment like the American and Chinese companies have done with them. What’s your thought on this?  Kindly use the comment session



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  1. Nigeria should have a duel citizenship for African Americans because a lot of us have Nigerian DNA.. you should offer some way for us to visit and work like some of us did in cuba or help build schools . and stop acting foolish with your religion and stupid corruption. everyone in the world laughs at africa and Nigeria even while they are raping Africa with the help of some of the natives. China is a example. capiotalist development is not good other forms are better for the masses of people

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