Nigerian Couple Bags PhD Same Day, Both Get ‘Best Postgraduate Students’ Awards In Malaysia

The story of a Nigerian couple who were celebrated in far-away Malaysia for academic excellence has continued to reverberate a year after. Habiba Muhammed and Yamusa Bello proved that loving someone also means growing and succeeding with the person. Reporters came across the romantic and success story of the Nigerian couple who achieved a milestone in their lives together. The couple bagged their doctorate degrees on the same day in Malaysia.


According to Habiba who spoke to reporters, the couple graduated on Monday, April 29, 2019, from the University of Technology in Malaysia.

The lovebirds both received their degrees on the same day and graduated on the same day. The two were also awarded the best students’ awards for their year. It was gathered that the husband had also received the overall chancellor’s award.

Mohammed said: “Nigerian couple just finished their PhD at the same time on April 29, 2019, in Universiti Teknologi Malaysia. They both got the best postgraduate students awards. The husband also got the overall chancellor’s award.”

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