Nigerian Business Mogul, Billionaire Mike Adenuga Breaks Record – Forbes

It is challenging being a big mogul in Nigeria, specifically when you are Dr. Mike Adenuga (GCON).

Every hour calls for a proficient flip over with endurance rings for the self-effacing billionaire. Adenuga, Chairman of Globacom, a telecom company with international grasp, nonetheless, eases through the process, like an ageless hunter going for the proverbial kill, typically with satisfying results. Regularly compared to a champ as well as occasionally, a brilliant business contractor, Adenuga easily portrays the picture of a modern General of Commerce.

Very few men can knead the tripartite traits of genius, modesty and character into that moral and humane centaur that remains unattainable to generations of tycoons and billionaires like Mike Adenuga.


Adenuga achieves this with unequalled grace and élan. He emerges as the perfect symbol of business excellence; he is seen at home and abroad as a historic figure, the personification of a business calculus within Nigeria and the African continent – a significant emblem of entrepreneurial excellence and normalisation, both within the country and in its dealings with the rest of the world.

Interestingly, the Conoil chairman moved from $10.5 billion to $10.7 billion, and climbed to number 103, from 109 on Forbes Real Time ranking last week. The rise of the telecoms, oil and property giant has been so remarkable that many observers are astounded – from $3.1 billion, he gained $7.7 billion in about six weeks.


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